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What is PEEP insurance?  PEEP is an abbreviation for Performing Entertainers and Event Professionals.  PEEP Insurance, Inc. is the pre-eminent insurance agency created by industry veterans with over 25 years of experience in insurance. We specialize in insuring entertainers, such as DJs, Bands, Hypnotists, Specialty Entertainers and Event Professionals. PEEP Insurance, Inc. has invested in a state of the art platform to make the process of purchasing entertainer specific General Liability and Equipment Coverage simple and painless. In addition, this state of the art insurance technology will now enable clients to manage their policy through their smart phone.  Now, an entertainer asked to provide proof of insurance or additional insured status for a venue can simply take a phone out of their pocket, pull up the PEEP website and deliver the certificate immediately. In our fast paced society, entertainers not only need to protect themselves but also need an insurance product that can adapt with real time deliverables. If you are a tech reliant entertainer, PEEP Insurance is ready to partner with you.

How do I purchase insurance?  Click on, then click the link to complete the application and pay for your policy.  Your certificate will be emailed in less than a minute.

Is this a group program? Do I need to join a group or association?  Yes, this insurance is an association master policy.  Each member has their own individual limits. You need to be a member of one of our association clients to utilize any of their member benefits, including this insurance benefit. Being a part of a group is how we are able to keep pricing at a discounted rate. 

How long does the process take?  The membership signup and insurance application should not take more than about 10 minutes.

When do I receive my certificate of insurance?    Instantly.  24/7/365.  Insurance Certificates are computer processed and emailed to the email address you provided in under a minute. . 

How can I make payment?   All major credit cards are accepted.

Can I insure my equipment?  Yes, entertainers who purchase General Liability insurance can also insure their own gear and equipment.​

What is General Liability Insurance?  General liability insurance (GL) is third party bodily injury and property damage claims that occur when you injure someone not working for you or damaging their building or property.​

What is Inland Marine Insurance?  Inland Marine insurance covers movable property:  your equipment and gear.

What types of equipment does this policy cover?  This policy covers all types of entertainer/event equipment including, but not limited to:  DJ or band related equipment, cameras, lenses, sound, lighting, grip equipment, communications equipment, portable electric equipment, editing and projection equipment, generators, mechanical effects equipment, props, and all similar business property and any related production equipment.

Can I rent out my equipment to others for their use and still be covered?  No, renting or lending equipment to others is a voluntary release of your equipment to a third party.  There is no coverage while it is out on rent or loaned. 

How do I contact the PEEP client associations?  Each client association has a link to their website at the bottom of each page of this website.

How do our service and deliverables compare?  PEEP Insurance, Inc. was created for modern entertainers and event professionals by the only insurance CPCU with over a decade specializing in entertainer and event professional’s insurance needs.  By developing the quickest and most secure certificate technology, PEEP Insurance is truly the industry leader.  Instant deliverables and security are our first priorities.  All our association clients provide the most up to date industry news, trends and educational content that are essential for the evolving modern entertainer and professional.

Do you offer one day GL coverage?  Yes, contact us at 215-PEEPINS (215-733-7467) for assistance.  Please keep in mind that the annual programs that we offer are very similar in price and most likely your best option.