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PEEP Insurance - Misconceptions: 

One of the most concerning comments I hear at DJ conventions is “I don’t need DJ insurance on my company or my gear, I have home owners insurance.”

In the simplest of terms, you are insured for what you are …..

Thus a DJ who purchases a liability policy is covered when acting as a DJ, but not when acting as an Inflatable operator or concert promoter.

An equally concerning misconception is DJs being paid any way other than a W-2 think they have liability coverage from the company's insurer that is providing the jobs.  If you are not a W-2 employee of the company feeding you the work, you are not an employee.  You are a subcontractor and basically, a different company, so you don't have coverage.

Will your home owner’s policy respond to business-related claims?   NO, not unless the insurer specifically endorsed the policy for your business.

Will my General Liability policy respond if one of my employees or subcontractors gets hurt?  NO, General Liability responds to Third party (Venue, Client) bodily injury and property damage claims.  Workers Compensation policies cover employees.

Will my GL coverage respond if I get in an accident on the way to a job?  No, this would qualify as an auto insurance claim.

The hotel I am working at wants to be listed on my policy, do I lose coverage and why do they want this? I don’t own the hotel.  Venues often require you to have liability insurance before they will let you on their premises.  An evidence of insurance certificate confirms for the venue that you have liability insurance on the date you are on their premises. The certificate confirms that you have insurance if YOU do something that causes injury to another person or damage to another person’s property. Your liability insurance does not cover them for their actions or negligence for which THEY are responsible. 

Your Certificate of Insurance will also be accompanied by an Automatic Additional Insured Endorsement that will make additional insured requests a breeze to deal with.

About the Automatic Additional Insured Endorsement:  The Insurance Department approved the attached Automatic Additional Insured form PI-EK-010 in August of 2010. This endorsement, in combination with your Certificate of Insurance, provides automatic additional insured status for any venue, landlord or client when it is required by that third party.  This eliminates the need for any additional processing of certificates for specifically named entities.

The first version of this form has been accepted in all 50 states as far back as August 2005 and in June 2006 it was broadened to provide more venues with additional insured status.

Does general liability cover my equipment?  No, a General Liability covers third party claims. Your equipment is first party ownership.

Can I change my Certificate of Insurance to add a venue's name as an additional insured? PEEP insurance, Inc. has invested in the latest technology so you can now add a venue name online any time and the certificate will be emailed to you instantly. NOTE:  Unless the venue refuses to accept our automatic additional insured form, they already have the additional insured status while you are on their premises.  There is no need to process an additional insured certificate.

My DJ or Band set up includes lighting and video screens.  If someone gets hurt am I covered?   Yes, standard lighting and video exposures are included while you are DJing.  If you are running up lighting while DJing it is considered part of your DJ set up.​

My policy says DJ but I do lighting only jobs, am I covered for lighting only gigs as well?  No, this entertainer program does not include coverage for equipment rental.  

I’m the organizer of an event and I have multiple vendors. Do they all need insurance?  All vendors need to have their own GL insurance policy to respond in the event they incur an insurance claim.

I’m insured as a DJ am I covered for my inflatables?  No, a DJ who purchases a DJ policy is covered when acting as a DJ, but not when acting as an Inflatable operator or concert promoter.

I’m headed to Israel for a month and I will be DJing for some family friends, is my policy valid in Israel?  No, not unless you purchased international coverage.  Coverage territory is all of North America, except Mexico, and all US territories and possessions.